Town of Helvetia Final Plan

The Town of Helvetia Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan meets the requirements of Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning law, Wisconsin Statutes 66.1001. This law requires all municipalities (counties, cities, towns, and villages) to adopt a comprehensive plan by the year 2010 if they wish to make certain land use decisions. After the year 2010, any municipality that regulates land use must make their zoning, land division, shore land and floodplain zoning, and official mapping decisions in a manner that is consistent with the community’s comprehensive plan.

The Town of Helvetia developed this comprehensive plan in response to the issues it must address and the opportunities it wishes to pursue. The Issues and Opportunities element of the comprehensive plan provides perspective on the planning process, public participation, trends and forecasts, and the overall goals of the community. 

Download Year2020 Comprehensive Plan .pdf file

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